LAB Reports

Local Advisory Board in Slovakia

The discussion relating to the Local Advisory Board in Slovakia is available on the STYLE website. »

Local advisory board in Estonia

Details of the discussion of the Local Advisory Board in Estonia can be found here: »

Local Advisory Board in the Netherlands

Details of the discussion of the Local Advisory Board in the Netherlands can be found here: LAB Meeting Netherlands 2015 »

LAB Meeting Netherlands 2015

Overview For the implementation an executive board (EB) has been established that was composed by representatives of the ‘Triple Helix” network of stakeholders in the region Mid-Brabant. The board acted under the authority of the steering group for economic development, education and the labour market of Mid-Brabant under the authority of the regional development organisation Midpoint. The board also acted as the local advisory board (LAB) for STYLE. The executive board was formally responsible for coordinating and guiding the research activities conducted for the project. Part of the research has been the design of an implementation plan for the years 2016-2018. That plan was based on the r... »

LAB Meeting Estonia 2015

Overview The LAB meeting took place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, to reach the maximum number of participants. The meeting with Estonian stakeholder engaged in topics of youth labour markets took place in the 18th months of the STYLE project. The idea was to have the seminar at a time when there are ready some preliminary research results for presentation that could insure higher interest in participating in the event and initiate discussions. In total 10 different organisations were represented by 22 participants, sometimes at the highest level possible (e.g. the president of the Estonian Trade Union Confederation and the chairman of board of the Estonian Employees’ Unions’... »