Project Management Structure

Project coordinator

Professor Jacqueline O’Reilly at the University of Brighton Business School, CROME.


Project management team at the University of Brighton

Led by John Clinton and includes Chris Matthews, Rosie Mulgrue, Alison Gray and Viviene Vine.


The steering group

Work Package WP Leader & Co-leader
WP1&12: Scientific Coordination Jacqueline O’Reilly & Martin Seeleib-Kaiser
WP2: Dissemination Natalie Sarkic-Todd & Ilaria Maselli
WP3: Performance Werner Eichhorst & Kari P Hadjivassiliou
WP4: Policy Maria Petmesidou & M. C. González Menéndez
WP5: Skills Mismatch Seamus McGuinness & Vladislav Flek
WP6: Mobility Lucia Mýtna Kureková & Christer Hyggen
WP7: Self-Employment Maura Sheehan & Renate Ortlieb
WP8: Family András Gábos & Tiziana Nazio
WP9: Attitudes Niall O’Higgins & Emanuele Ferragina
WP10: Flexicurity Paola Villa & Raul Eamets
WP11: Handbook Jacqueline O’Reilly & Janine Leschke


Project management and scientific coordination


The General Assembly Project Council (GAPC) meets annually including all consortium partners and Consortium Advisory Network (CAN) members.

Local Advisory Board (LAB) meetings are held annually to provide advice to national teams at a local level.