LAB Reports

LAB meeting, Austria

In the first LAB-meeting we discussed the role that young migrants from EU8-countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia) play on the Austrian labour market. In particular, employers in industries that face a shortage of (skilled) labour are interested in hiring young people from EU8 countries, e.g. in the IT/high-tech, tourism and care sectors. In the near future, Austrian companies will have to implement effective recruitment strategies due to increasing skilled labour shortage in many industries. Labour market intermediaries increasingly fulfil a bridging function between employers and employees from abroad. In recent years, the number of ... »

LAB meeting, UK

The first UK LAB meeting took place in London on 30th October 2014 and involved a wide-ranging discussion among a number of UK LAB members who are key stakeholders in the area of youth employment and school-to-work (STW) transitions in the UK. The specific aims of the UK LAB meeting were to: (i) present and receive feedback from the UK LAB members about the UK draft report (prepared as part of Task 3 of Work Package 3) on the situation of young people in the UK and the main policies affecting them, with a particular view at policy innovation and the context of implementation; (ii) discuss in some detail the effectiveness of these policies, in particular for different youth groups, e.g. those... »

LAB meeting, Czech Republic

Prague, 20 November 2014. Metropolitan University Prague organised a Local Advisory Board Meeting. The main aim was to discuss the first research results collected by the MUP team with the stakeholders involved (Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs, Labour Office of the Czech Republic, Czech National Disability Council, and Educa International. The meeting also benefited from the presence of invited experts from Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and European Commission. It was organised as a publicly open research seminar where the MUP team presented basic information on the STYLE project as a whole, along with the information about specific tasks to be fulf... »