25. EurActiv

EurActiv is a multilingual media network, targeting EU policy and business stakeholders, journalists, NGOs, think tanks and other multipliers in Europe in 15 languages. With over three million page views and 675,000 ‘unique visitors’ per month (Google Analytics average for 2012), it is the leading online media on EU affairs. EurActiv provides a ‘one-stop shop’ where users can compare major stakeholder positions, original source documents and informed opinion from guru bloggers. The EurActiv web portal is firmly established as the favourite online platform for Brussels and national professionals in EU policies. It brings together journalistic independence with transparency and practical efficiency, complementing the existing EU media and institutional websites. Founded in 1999, EurActiv provides information to the “Community of EU Actors” (representatives from companies, professions, industry federations and NGOs, think-tanks, as well as the EU institutions and the press). EurActiv gathers the skills of more than 80 professionals with experience in EU affairs, journalism, information and communication, and Internet technology. For its content, EurActiv has its own editorial team and numerous content partnerships. EurActiv is a pioneer in multi-lingual content creation and diffusion. The platform is available in English and French. The EurActiv Network produces localised content in the UK, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Lithuania and Turkey. original content is being translated and localised by West, Central and Eastern European Network partners for their national audiences, complementing their own EU policy coverage.

The main tasks for EurActiv in collaboration with the Co-ordinator at UoB would lead WP2 DISSEMINATION. This would involve using EurActiv’s policy section structure to ensure a good focus by journalists and a good readership. Policy section sponsorship includes sustained editorial content, managed by a dedicated EurActiv editor, on agreed priority topics as well as a Links Dossier setting out the background, stakeholders and their positions on the project topic in question. Together we have agreed that EurActiv would provide project visibility through section sponsorship over the life of the project including the following:

  • Overall and deep association with an existing or modified EurActiv section such as Social Europe and Jobs including a Project Logo triggering relevant editorial content managed by a dedicated editor.
  • Links Dossier on jointly decided policy areas.
  • Special Report on a (project) relevant policy topic.
  • 2 Press Releases on
  • 6 weeks of advertising credits on
  • EurActiv Stakeholder Workshop for the Book launch in M42 in Brussels.
  • A video of the book launch by EurActiv TV, distributed on EurActiv’s homepage “video box”.

Previous relevant experience is evidenced in EurActiv’s success in open competition for EU tenders and calls for proposal since 2001, most recently winning Framework contracts with the European Parliament and the European Economic and Social Committee. EurActiv has won over 15 major projects from different EU institutions and supported a range of research projects with dissemination packages. Projects it has previously collaborated on include OURSPACE (The Virtual Youth Space) 2010 – 2013; Open Discovery Space (A Socially-powered and Multilingual Open Learning Infrastructure to Boost the Adoption of eLearning Resources) – 36 Months – Starting in 2012 (further examples of projects they have worked on are available here

Intellectual/ Academic Disciplines: Professional multi-media communications

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