National University of Ireland Galway


NUI Galway is actively involved in research and has numerous successes in FP7 (People/Cooperation/ERC/Capacities). Research Expenditure exceeded €50 million for 2011 and to-date the University has been awarded approximately €35 million in funding from FP7. To support the research community, the University has also established a number of dedicated services to provide direct assistance in managing framework projects. NUI Galway is actively involved in research in the Youth domain, and currently hosts a UNESCO Chair in Children, Youth and Civic Engagement.

The main tasks for NUI Galway will coordinate WP7 SELF-EMPLOYMENT and contribute to WP11 HANDBOOK and WP2 DISSEMINATION.

Previous relevant experience includes being a EU Marie Curie Scholar (2009-2012) investigating foreign direct investment in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Intellectual/ Academic Disciplines: International Management; Human Resource Management; Applied Economics.

Key publications

Sheehan, M. (2013). Human resource management and performance: evidence from small and medium-sized firms, (2013, forthcoming). International Small Business Journal.

Sheehan, M. (2012). Investing in management development in turbulent times and perceived organisational performance: a study of UK MNCs and their subsidiaries. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 23(12), 2491–513.

Sheehan, M. & Bachan, R. (2011). On the labour market progress of Polish accession workers in South-East England. International Migration, 49(2), 104–34.

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