Two new reports from Youth Job Patrol

Youth Job Patrol aims to promote the participation of young people in industrial relations (that is to say in the employer-employee relationship and social dialogue) by helping them to get informed about their rights and discuss working conditions in their workplaces through social media.

The project consortium consists of organisations and team members who have a long-lasting experience in developing and sharing good methods and practices in regard to advancing social inclusion and promoting decent work. On a daily basis they operate in diverse fields such as NGOs, European networks, trade unions, educational institutes; which brings an added value to the project by their specific contribution: FIC (Denmark), SOLIDAR (European Network), CGIL (Italy) and IDEAS Institute (Ireland). These publications are part of the project “Decent work for European youth – active methods and best practices” project supported by the European Commission’s DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

Copies of the two reports can be found here: