Institute for the Study of Labor

3. IZA

IZA focuses on internationally competitive research activities in all fields of labor economics and labor market policy using econometric analysis of large individual data sets; microeconomic research focusing on individual and firm-level decisions; international comparative research in close cooperation with foreign scientific institutes and organizations; examination, documentation and evaluation of new concepts in labor market policy and of employment initiatives in business. Both national and international Research Associates work temporarily at IZA. A close cooperation with the University of Bonn has been established in order to give additional momentum to academic research and teaching.

The main tasks for IZA will be as WPL for WP3 PERFORM and contributing to WP2 DISSEMINATION and a chapter for the International Handbook (WP11)

Previous relevant experience includes applied labour market research and policy advice to the European Parliament, the World Bank and cooperation with the OECD and the ILO

Academic Disciplines: Economics and Labour Market Policy Evaluation

Key publications of these staff:

Eichhorst, W., Basso, G., Dolls, M., Leoni, T. & Peichl, A. (2012). The effects of the recent economic crisis on social protection and labour market arrangements across socio-economic groups. Intereconomics, 47(4), 217–23.

Eichhorst, W., Biavaschi, C., Giulietti, C., Kendzia, M.J., Muravyev, A., Pieters, J., Rodriguez-Planas, N., Schmidl, R. & Zimmermann, K.F. (2012). Youth unemployment and vocational training. IZA Discussion Paper, 6890 (also available as World Development Report 2013 Background Paper).

Schmidl, R., Caliendo, M. & Künn, S. (2011). Fighting youth unemployment: the effects of active labor market policies. IZA Discussion Paper.

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