Economic and Social Research Institute

10. ESRI

The Economic and Social Research Institute was founded in Dublin in 1960, with the assistance of a grant from the Ford Foundation of New York. The ESRI is governed by an independent Council which acts as the board of the Institute with responsibility for guaranteeing its independence and integrity. The Institute’s research strategy is determined by the Council in association with the Director and staff. The research agenda seeks to contribute to three overarching and interconnected goals, namely, economic growth, social progress and environmental sustainability. The Institute’s research is disseminated through international and national peer reviewed journals and books, in reports and books published directly by the Institute itself and in the Institute’s working paper series. Researchers are responsible for the accuracy of their research. All ESRI books and reports are peer reviewed and these publications and the ESRI’s working papers can be downloaded from the ESRI website at .

The main tasks include being Work package leader for WP5 MISMATCH SKILL and contributing to WP10 FLEXI, WP2 DISSEMINATION and WP 11 HANDBOOK.

Previous relevant experience includes working in collaboration CEDEFOP, the OECD, and EQUALSOC.

Intellectual/ Academic Disciplines: Sociology and Economics.

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