Swedish Institute for Social Research

22. SOFI

The Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) at Stockholm University (SU) has 80 researchers, economists and sociologists. It has three units: labour economics, social policy and level of living surveys. Most research is empirical but theoretical research is also conducted. Researchers study and compare wages and employment for different groups of people in the labour market: for example immigrants with natives, women with men, and individuals with and without functional impairments. Several projects are concerned with the youth labour market.

Main tasks they are contributing to are include WP3 PERFORM Task 3: Qualitative, Case Study-Analysis of Performances and Policies and Task 5: Policy Recommendations WP2 DISSEMINATION and WP11 HANDBOOK.

Previous relevant experience to those tasks includes comparative projects on the European and Nordic level, several of them on the youth labour market. Also several projects on the Swedish labour market for young people.

Intellectual/ Academic Disciplines: Economics

Key publications of these staff

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Niknami, S., Grönqvist, H. & Johansson, P. (2012). PhD thesis: Essays on inequality and social policy: education, crime and health.

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