University of Brighton

1. UoB (Co-ordinator)

The university has a strong and experienced administrative team for managing large-scale EU projects. The project would be based at the Centre for Research on Management and Employment (CROME) at the University of Brighton Business School (BBS) in conjunction with the Times Higher Education award winning Community and University Partnership Programme (CUPP). This is a strong and vibrant hub of international and locally based researchers. BBS has been involved in numerous projects funded by both national and international bodies eg: EU FP6 and the European Foundation; it is also currently involved in five Knowledge Transfer Partnerships working with large companies and SMEs.

The main tasks for UoB would be as the overall project coordinator. They would be involved in WP5 MISMATCH MOVE, WP8 FAMILY, WP9 VOICES, and would be WPL on WP1 MAN and WP11 HANDBOOK; they would be co-leader on WP2 DISSEM.
Previous relevant experience includes FP4 TRANSLAM, FP6 ‘Workcare’ and FP7 ‘Workcare Synergies’; comparative event history analysis of labour market transitions
Academic Disciplines: Sociology, Management, Health, Anthropology, Psychology
Key publications of these staff:

O’Reilly, J., et al.. (2011). Managing uncertainty: the crisis, its consequences and the global workforce. Work, Employment & Society, 25(4), special issue, 581¬–95.

Schmid, G., O’Reilly, J. & Schoemann, K. (1998). International handbook on labour market policy and evaluation. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

O’Reilly, J. & Fagan, C. (1998). Part-time prospects. London: Routledge.

Hart, A., Blincow, D. & Thomas, H. (2007). Resilient therapy with children and families. London: Routledge.

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