Cracow University of Economics

14. UEK

UEK, established in 1925, is the biggest university of economics in Poland and one of the three largest universities in Krakow. It has been involved in a number of international research projects funded by the EU & UN. It is a member of a number of international associations, also university networks and it has c. 200 partners around the world. Their most intensive collaborations are with universities from Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The main tasks for UEK would be as the project participant in the WP2 DISSEMINATION, WP3 PERFORMANCE & WP7 SELF-EMPLOYMENT and WP11 for the International Handbook. They will also organise one of the annual GAPC meeting.

Previous relevant experience includes a comprehensive overview on traineeship arrangements in Member States carried out within the Consortium led by the Institute for Employment Studies for the European Commission. Project leader (co-ordinator–researcher), INTERREG IIIC GROW “A model of Entrepreneurship for the Socially Excluded” (acronym SOCIAL ON BUSINESS). Researcher, 5FP Formal and informal work in Europe. A comparative analysis of their changing relationship and their impact on social integration. And an evaluation of the ESF Support to Systems and Structures for the European Commission – conducted within the IDEC Consortium. External expert, 5FP EURONE&T, for the University of Bremen, Germany.

Intellectual/ Academic Disciplines: Political Economy, Labour Economics, HRM

Buchelt, B. (2011). Trends in the labour market. In: A. Pocztowski (ed). Human Resource Management in Transition. The Polish case. Warszawa: Oficyna a Wolters Kluwer business.

Surdej, A. & Ślęzak, E. (2009). The changes of the relationship between formal and informal work in Poland. In: Formal and Informal Work in Europe. London: Routledge.

Ślęzak, E. (2012). The post- EU integration migration of the Polish and the intergenerational relations. The case of the health professionals migrating from Poland to the United Kingdom. Kraków: WUJ, mimeo.

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