Democritus University of Thrace


Democritus University of Thrace was founded in 1973 and comprises four main Schools (and 18 departments) situated in Thrace (North-Eastern Greece) with 12,000 students. Most of its older departments developed a very good reputation in research. The department of Social Administration started operating in 1996. Its primary aim is to develop into a nodal centre of educational learning and research in a range of social policy fields (including labour market policy) in South-East Mediterranean. The Department profits from the extensive research and professional experience of the staff it attracted in its initial phase of operation, coming from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds (sociology, social policy, law, economics, management, criminology and social work). Especially the senior members of staff have developed long-term co-operation with many European Universities through participation in various joint teaching programmes and research projects funded by national and EU sources.

The main tasks for DUTH would be WP leader on WP4 POLICY, WP11 HANDBOOK and to WP2 DISSEMINATION.

Previous relevant experience includes ASISP (Assessing the Socio-Economic Impact of Social Reform-Independent expert network of the EU, 2008-2012); Social Dialogue against Poverty (Ministry of Labour/Observatory for Economic and Social Development INE)

Intellectual/ Academic Disciplines: Comparative Social and Employment Policy, Social Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Key publications

Petmesidou, M. (2012). Southern Europe. In: B. Greve (ed). International handbook of the welfare state. London: Routledge.

Petmesidou, M. (forthcoming). The crisis imperative and welfare state reform in Greece. European Societies, special issue. Towards the end of the Mediterranean welfare model?

Petmesidou, M. (2006). Poverty and social deprivation in the Mediterranean (Zed Books, co-editor).

Polyzoidis, P. (2009). Nonprofit organizations and human services in Greece. Voluntas, 20(2).

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