Institute for Employment Studies

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The Institute for Employment Studies is an independent, apolitical, international centre of research and consultancy in public employment policy and organisational human resource. It carries out authoritative research of practical relevance to policy makers and those responsible for implementing policy programmes and initiatives. IES is a not-for-profit organisation which has around 40 multidisciplinary staff and international associates.


  • Eurofound project on Labour market transitions of young people (ongoing);
  • EU-wide overview of all forms of traineeships & apprenticeship (DG EMPL, 2011-2)
  • Evaluation of Activity and Learning Agreements for young people in the UK
  • Precarious employment & quality of graduates transitions (DG EAC and DG EMPL)
  • Impact of the Great Recession on young people in EU & emerging economies (DG EMP)
  • Impact of volunteering among young people on their employability skills
  • Evaluation of the Work Programme, for young job-seekers in the UK (DWP ongoing)

Academic Disciplines: Economics and Labour Market Policy Evaluation

Key publications of these staff:

Hadjivassiliou, K. et al. (2012). Study on a comprehensive overview on traineeship arrangements in member states. Final Synthesis Report. European Commission.

Newton, B., Meager, N., Bertram, C., Corden, A., George, A., Lalani, M., Metcalf, H., Rolfe, H., Sainsbury, R. & Weston, K. (2012). Work programme evaluation: findings from the first phase of qualitative research on programme delivery. Research Report, 821, DWP.

Meager, N. & Speckesser, S. (2011). Wages, productivity and employment: a review of theory and international data. Brussels: European Employment Observatory.

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