Consortium Advisory Network (CAN)

Policy and Research Communities

Name Position
Business Europe
Karen Roiy from Confederation of Danish Employers
Maxime Cerutti is Director at a cross-federation of business organisations
Robert Plummer is an Adviser on Social Affairs
ETUI: European Trade Union Institute
Maria Jepsen, an economist by training, is Director of Research Department at the European Trade Union Institute
European Youth Forum
Clementine Moyart, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Employment and Social Affairs
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions Massimiliano Mascherini
ILO: International Labour Office–en/index.htm
Gianni Rosas is Coordinator of the Youth Employment Programme
OECD: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Glenda Quintini
OSE: Observatoire Sociale Européen
Ramon Pena-Casas
SOLIDAR European network of NGOs working to advance social justice in Europe
Agata Patecka Education and Lifelong Learning Coordination
Natalie Sarkic-Todd Director of EU Projects
DG-EMPL Katarina Lindahl

Academics and Journal Editors

Name Position
Prof. Steve Machin
Editor of The Economic Journal, Professor of Economics at University College London, Research Director at the Centre for Economic Performance
Dr. Brendan Burchell
Editorial board of the Cambridge Journal of Economics
Prof. Mark Stuart
Editor of Work, Employment and Society.
Prof. Bent Greve
Regional and special issue editor of Social Policy & Administration and on the board of the Journal of Comparative and International Social Policy
Prof. Jochen Clasen
Co-founder and honorary president of ESPAnet, the European Social Policy Analysis network. Editor of the Journal of European Social Policy
Dr. Traute Meyer
Editor of the Journal for European Social Policy
Prof. Guenther Schmid
Former Director of the Employment Policy Unit at the WZB; advisor to the Hartz Commission, Germany.
Prof. Colette Fagan
Co-Director of the European Work and Employment Research Centre of the University of Manchester.
Dr Jale Tosun
Coordinator of CUPESSE
Prof Russell King
Sussex Centre for Migration Research University of Sussex