University of Turin


The University of Torino is one of the most ancient and prestigious Italian public Universities with an international reputation for high quality teaching and research. It has about 70.000 students, 4.000 academic, administrative and technical staff, 1800 post-graduate and post-doctoral students. The Department of Culture, Politics and Society, within the University is one of the largest in Italy for number of its members. In the only evaluation to date of the Italian Universities (2006 by Cineca), Turin University rated second in the country among the big structures in the area of Political and Social Sciences.

The main tasks for UNITO would be on WP8 FAMILY. They would also contribute to WP2 DISSEMINATION and WP11 HANDBOOK.

Previous relevant experience includes FP4 ‘Betwixt’ and ‘Esopo’, FP5 ‘FENICs’, FP6 ‘Workcare” and FP7 ‘Demochange’; comparative event history analysis of family and labour market transitions

Intellectual/ Academic Disciplines: Sociology

Key publications

Contini, D. & Negri, N. (2007). Would declining exit rates from welfare provide evidence of welfare dependence in homogeneous environments. Europ. Sociological Rev., 1, 21–33.

Nazio, T. (2008). Cohabitation, family and society. Routledge.

Negri, N. & Filandri, M. (2010). Restare di ceto medio. Il Mulino.

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