WP2: Dissemination

WP Leader EurActiv Natalie Sarkic-Todd
WP Co-leader CEPS Ilaria Maselli
To ensure that the findings have a high impact and extensive coverage in policy arenas across the EU and beyond. It will contribute to achieving the expected outcomes of the project outlined in the call. It will achieve i) a critical mass of resources in terms of collaboration, networking and mobility of researchers. It will ii) involve relevant communities, stakeholders, and practitioners in the research, with a view to supporting employment policies for young peoples’ economic independence in Europe.

Work and Role of Partners

Task 2.1

Multi-media communications at the European and local level in collaboration with EurActiv and the European Youth Forum.

Task 2.2

Stakeholder Involvement to achieve a critical mass of collaboration and involvement of relevant communities through the CAN and the LABs.

Task 2.3

Joint collaborative activities with the CUPESSE project.

Task 2.4

Ensuring high-quality academic outputs and reports through peer/external review and the STYLE Book launch at the end of the project.