Metropolitan University Prague

16. MUP

Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) is one of the oldest and largest private universities in the Czech Republic. The University offers study programmes in the area of international territorial relations, legal specialisations and international economic relations in Czech as well as English. MUP operates in Prague and in three regional centres.

The main tasks for MUP will be to elaborate empirical evidence on youth labour mobility and unemployment rate dynamics in the European Union (WP5 MISMATCH SKILL).

Previous relevant experience includes participation in research grants “Well-being and Satisfaction of Households in EE Countries: Linking Objective and Subjective Indicators”, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (2011–2013); Selected Problems and Perspectives of the Czech Labour Market”, Czech Banking Association (2010); “Individuals and Households in the Czech Republic: Transformation Changes and Cross-National Comparison”, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (2008–2010); “Analysis of the Impact of the Selected Social Policy Instruments on the Czech Labour Market and a Broad International Comparison”, Grant Agency of Charles University (2007–2008); “Anatomy of the Czech Labour Market”, Czech National Bank (2004–2007); “The Implications of EU-Enlargement on Eastern Labour Markets”. European Commission’s Phare-ACE Research Grant (1998–1999).

Intellectual/ Academic Disciplines: Labour Economics, European Integration

Key Publications:

Mysíková, M. (2012). The gender wage gap in the Czech Republic and Central European Countries. Prague Economic Papers, 21(3), 328–46.

Fialová, K. & Mysíková, M. (2009). Labor market participation: the impact of social benefits in the Czech Republic and selected European Countries. Prague Economic Papers, 18(3), 235–50.

Flek, V. (ed). (2007). Anatomy of the Czech Labour Market: From Over-Employment to Under-Employment in Ten Years? Prague: The Karolinum Press.

Flek, V. & Dybczak, K. (2007). Supply-side adjustments in the Czech Republic: a cross sector perspective. Eastern European Economics, 45(6), 29–45.

Flek, V. &Večerník, J. (2005). The labour market in the Czech Republic: trends, policies and attitudes. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 55(1–2), 5–24.

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