STYLE Kick-Off Meeting Podcasts

Date: 31 March to 2 April 2014

Location: Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton, UK

Agenda: see Events details


Project overview

Opening address by Prof Jackie O’Reilly and Prof Bruce Brown (Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research).

Download presentation [Powerpoint]

Audio of Project overview presentation:

Research users’ perspectives

  • What challenges do the young unemployed people you work with face?
  • What do you do to help them?
  • How can research help your organisation and improve policy?

Discussants: UK Local Advisory Boards (LABS)
Tomorrow’s People: Abi Levitt
Young Fabians: Alvin Caprio
North London Citizens: Edward Badu
CIPD: Katherina Rudiger
UNISON: Christine Lewis
Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership: Tony Mernagh

Audio of research users’ perspective – UNISON:

Audio of research users’ perspective – Tomorrow’s People:

Audio of research users’ perspective – Young Fabians:

Audio of research users’ perspective – North London Citizens:

Audio of research users’ perspective – CIPD:

Audio of research users’ perspective – B&H Economic Partnership
(cites The Brighton & Hove City Employment and Skills Plan):

WP 3 Comparing & Measuring Performance

WP 4 Policy Transfer & Comparative Perspectives

Profs. Bent Greve
Guenther Schmid

Download WP3 presentation [Powerpoint]

Audio of WP3 presentation:

Download WP4 presentation [Powerpoint]

Audio of WP4 presentation:

Download presentation: Discussant Guenther Schmid – Comparing and Measuring Performance [PDF]

Audio of discussant presentation – Guenther Schmid:

Audio of discussant presentation – Bent Greve:


WP 5 Mismatch: Skills and Education

WP 6 Mismatch: Mobility and Migration

Glenda Quintini OECD
Karen Roiy Business Europe
Agata Patecka SOLIDAR

Download WP5 presentation [Powerpoint]

Audio of WP5 presentation:

Download WP6 presentation [Powerpoint]

Audio of WP6 presentation:

Download presentation: Discussant Glenda Quintini – Skills Mismatch [Powerpoint]

Audio of discussant presentation – Glenda Quintini:

Download presentation: Discussant Karen Roiy, Business Europe – Tackling Skills Mismatch [Powerpoint]

Audio of discussant presentation – Karen Roiy:

Audio of discussant presentation – Agata Patecka:

WP 7 Self-Employment & Business Start ups

Prof Marc Cowling BBS

Download WP7 presentation [Powerpoint]

Audio of WP7 presentation:

Download presentation: Discussant Marc Cowling – Public Policy [Powerpoint]

Audio of discussant presentation – Marc Cowling:

WP 8 Family & Cultural Barriers

WP 9 Attitudes and Aspirations

Giorgio Zecca
European Youth Forum
Prof Colette Fagan
Ronan McDonald
Tomorrow’s People

Download WP8 presentation [Powerpoint]

Audio of WP8 presentation:

Download WP9 presentation [Powerpoint]

Audio of WP9 presentation:

Audio of discussant presentation – Giorgio Zecca:

Download presentation: Discussant Colette Fagan – Family and Cultural Drivers of youth unemployment & adult transitions [PDF]

Audio of discussant presentation – Colette Fagan:

Audio of discussant presentation – Ronan McDonald:

WP 10 Flexicurity

Maria Jespen ETUI
Ramon Pena-Casas OSE

Download WP10 presentation [Powerpoint]

Audio of WP10 presentation:

Audio of discussant presentation – Maria Jespen:

Audio of discussant presentation – Ramon Pena-Casas:

Between a rock and a hard place: Communicating across different audiences
– academics, policy communities and young people

Profs. Traute Meyer & Jochen Clasen (Journal of European Social Policy)
Prof Mark Stuart (Work, Employment and Society)
Brendan Burchell (Cambridge Journal of Economics)
Natalie Sarkic-Todd (EurActiv)
Edward Badu (North London Citizens)
Prof Angie Hart (CUPP)
Jackie O’Reilly (Chair)

Audio of presentation “Communicating across different audiences”:


Impact & Management: Dissemination, Financial and Administrative issues

EurActiv and Consortium research partners

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