University of Trento


Department of Economics and Management (DEM) at the University of Trento.

The DEM (founded in 1974) provides cross faculty research in Economics, Sociology, Law and Engineering, working in the disciplines of mainstream economics, agricultural economics, economic history and economic statistics. The Department’s scientific output has come to concentrate on: Cognitive and experimental economics; Firms, organizations, and institutions; Macroeconomics, currency and finance; Human capital, household and labour economics; Agricultural and environmental economics, Economic history. The University of Trento has a strong and experienced administrative team for managing large-scale EU projects. The DEM is a dynamic interdisciplinary organisation, involved in numerous projects funded by both national and international bodies.

The main tasks for UNITN would be: WP leader on WP10 FLEXI, and would contribute to WP8 FAMILY, WP10 FLEXI & WP11 HANDBOOK

Previous relevant experience includes participation in research groups financed by the European commission (DYNAMO FP6; NESY, FP5; “Advanced multidisciplinary analysis of new data on ageing”, FP5; “Structural analysis of household savings and wealth positions over the life cycle”, FP4), by the Italian Ministry of University (“Micro and macroeconomic policies and their impact on inequality and poverty”, “Globalization, Income Distribution and Growth”, “Pensions, health and portfolio choices”), the National Research Council (“Health, household income and social security”).

Intellectual/Academic Disciplines: Labour Economics, Econometrics, Gender studies.

Key publications

Berloffa, G. & Modena, F. (2012). Economic well-being in Italy: the role of income insecurity and intergenerational inequality. Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, 81(3), 751–765.

Berloffa, G. & Villa, P. (2010). Differences in equivalent income across cohorts of households: evidence from Italy. Review of Income & Wealth, 56(4), 693–714.

Berloffa, G. & Simmons, P.J. (2003). Unemployment risk, labour force participation and savings”. Review of Economic Studies, 70(3), 521–539.

Smith, M. & Villa, P. (2010). The ever-declining role of gender equality in the European employment Strategy. Industrial Relations Journal, 41(6), 526–543.

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