University of Oviedo


The University of Oviedo, established in 1608, is a public institution, with more than 1500 researchers and 250 research groups, devoted to higher education teaching and research that fosters the social, economic & cultural development of the local community through the generation and diffusion of knowledge. It has undertaken more than 50 projects in the last 5 years with an experienced European Research & Development Office for administration. In 2009 it was one of the first Spanish universities to obtain the seal “Campus of International Excellence”.

The main tasks attributed are as participants in WP 3 PERFORM, WP4 POLICY (co-leader), WP7 SELF-EMPLOYMENT, WP11 HANDBOOK & WP2 DISSEMINATION.

Previous relevant experience: FP6 (Network of Excellence RECWOWE); Spanish National Plan of Research (Leadership: Sub-national governance, foreign MNC & HRM; Welfare capitalism in Southern Europe; Working poor; Self-employment, entrepreneurship and economic cycles. Participation: Occupational stratification and returns to training).

Intellectual/ Academic Disciplines: Economic Sociology, Economics, Social policy

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