WP11: International Handbook

WP Leader UoB Jacqueline O’Reilly
WP Co-leader CBS Janine Leschke

The objective of this WP is to produce a Handbook on Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe, drawing on the research and analysis resulting from the individual WPs in this project. This Handbook will provide extensive examples from across the EU of the challenges and innovations being undertaken in the face of the recent economic crisis, the historical legacy of policy-making, and the capacity for future change. It will mainstream gender and ethnic differences for particularly vulnerable groups of young people, examining how this varies across societies and which policies are effective in addressing these problems. This book will address the key objectives of the project being examined in research WPs 3-10.

The aim of this Handbook is to make the knowledge generated have an impact beyond the life of the project. Despite a burgeoning literature in this field, this book will fill an important gap in the market of providing comprehensive resources and a systematic comparative approach to the issues of overcoming youth unemployment that complements the other multi-media resources produced over the life of this project in the immediate, intermediate and long-term dissemination strategy outlined in Part B.

D 11.1 Draft chapter: Outline of draft chapters and book proposal
D 11.2 Revised Chapter: Finalised chapters submitted to the review process and the publisher