STYLE Publications: Attitudes

New Working Paper: numerical flexibility and income security for European youth

Tracing the interface between numerical flexibility and income security for European youth during the economic crisis Copenhagen Business School Janine Leschke Mairéad Finn This paper traces convergences in terms of flexibility and security with a focus on younger and older youth in European countries. Youth were one of the groups hardest hit by the economic crisis. Young people in most European countries are more likely to work on temporary contracts of limited duration than adults. In a majority of EU countries youth are also disadvantaged with regard to unemployment benefits. Eligibility criteria require a certain minimum period in employment before unemployment insurance benefits can be ... »

German publication from Jackie O’Reilly

Jackie O’Reilly has published a new article Politische Initiativen – Was funktioniert eigentlich? Jugendarbeitslosigkeit: Das ist das Problem (Political initiatives – What work? Youth unemployment: That’s the problem) »

Dr Stefan Speckesser blogs about Youth Unemployment

Dr Stefan Speckesser has a new blog post on; Youth unemployment and education participation in the UK and Europe based on research coming out of the STYLE project. »

Five Characteristics of Youth Unemployment in Europe

Five Characteristics of Youth Unemployment in Europe: Flexibility, Education, Migration, Family Legacies, and EU Policy Jacqueline O’Reilly , Werner Eichhorst , András Gábos , Kari Hadjivassiliou , David Lain , Janine Leschke , Seamus McGuinness , Lucia Mýtna Kureková , Tiziana Nazio , RenateOrtlieb , Helen Russell , Paola Villa DOI: 10.1177/2158244015574962 Published 23 March 2015 Current levels of youth unemployment need to be understood in the context of increased labor market flexibility, an expansion of higher education, youth migration, and family legacies of long-term unemployment. Compared with previous recessions, European-wide pol... »