ABIS Doctoral Summer School, 17-19 Sept 2014 – INNOVATING FOR A BETTER WORLD


ABIS Doctoral Summer School, 17-19 Sept 2014


 The Academy of Business in Society (ABIS) Doctoral Summer School will focus on social innovation, with a particular interest in exploring the ways in which innovations can serve to create better and more integrated social, environmental and economic business enterprises. Social innovation implies an ability to create change that will enhance progress and sustainable human development. This includes, for example, institutional innovation regarding the structure and organisation of companies and their relationships with stakeholders; innovative socially responsible and sustainable financing; social innovation from bottom of pyramid situations in emerging economies and designed to foster socially sustainable inclusive development; the potential role of innovative clusters in promoting sustainable competitive development in whole regions; innovations in the manner of measurement of company performance in respect of CSR and of sustainability in particular; innovation in respect of measures of overall social performance of communities and states.

 For the ABIS Doctoral Summer School, social innovation will be interpreted in the broadest sense to include not only such obvious examples as eco-friendly innovations which can enhance environmental sustainability but also any form of innovation which can help to create a better and more harmonious world including central social problems of our age such as injustice in emerging economies, underemployment and unemployment, inequalities global climate change, aging populations, access to healthcare and the monopolization of wealth by a handful of individuals.

 Furthermore, the consideration of the full range of organizational agents, communities and institutional who are likely to be actors in these various social fields is important, for example NGOs, social entrepreneurs, corporations, foundations, governments, international institutions, labour confederations and universities. All of these and any other ways in which new practices, new ways of thinking, acting and interacting and new actors can improve the world come within the ambit of socially responsible innovation.

 The ABIS Doctoral Summer School is an outstanding opportunity for PhD and DBA students to set the agenda for interdisciplinary research initiatives, explore research methodologies appropriate to the field of business in society, benefit from the advice and feedback of senior researchers, and network with peers from around Europe and beyond. In this context, the DSS aims to play a part in fostering progress in research on ethically oriented innovation and entrepreneurship. By building on the success of previous Doctoral Summer Schools, the 2014 event will follow a similar format of mentoring, networking, presentations and plenaries. In addition there will be roundtable events on getting published, getting a foot on the academic career ladder, meet the editors, access to a special issue and other publication opportunities. Possible events include film preview and an opportunity to meet social entrepreneurs.

 The ABIS doctoral Summer School Website: http://abis-gem-dss.sciencesconf.org

 Application and deadlines

Prospective participants are invited to apply by sending the following documents:

  • * Extended abstract (see template at http://abis-gem-dss.sciencesconf.org), a CV and Letter of motivation (one page)
  • * Application and submission: 15 June May 2014
  • * Notification of acceptance: 28 June 2014
  • *  Registration deadline: 15 July 2014
  • * Participation fee : Regular fee: 350 Euro & ABIS members fee: 290 Euro

 The participation fee covers all costs including materials, meals, official dinner and leisure programme.

Academic advisory board

  • Mark Smith, Director of the Doctoral School, Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • Mark Esposito, Associate Professor of Business and Society, Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • Fabien Martinez, Post-doctoral Research Associate, The Academy of Business in Society

Should you have any questions please contact Ludwig Roger (Ludwig.roger@abis-global.org) or Magali Michel (magali.michel@grenoble-em.com)