Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics Conference: Inequalities in Youth Transitions – mini–conference

The mini-conference empirically scrutinises youth labour market transitions from a comparative perspective; it examines how policy regimes and patterns of inequality are being reformed or reproduced; and it draws out the theoretical implications of these for institutional theory. How are different actors, within and beyond nation states, defining the ‘problem’ of youth unemployment? How do welfare and employment policy legacies affect the ‘solutions’ being adopted? And what are the long-term consequences of emerging inequalities for global youth? The mini-conference is organised around four themes:

1.     Policy Legacies: Families, Flexibility & Policy Regimes

2.     Youth Voice: Representation at work and beyond

3.     Youth on the Move: Migration and Mobility

4.     Political Futures: Policy & Politics of Multi-level governance

Further details of the conference can be found here: 2015-london mini-conferences

Registration and paper submission guidelines are available here:

This will be organised in collaboration with EU funded project & is open to all researchers beyond these two projects.

Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge