LAB Meeting Slovakia 2014

Local Advisory Board 2014 Meetings of SGI researchers with its board members from Profesia and CELSI took the form of a series of smaller meetings with the partners separately. They focused on discussing access to data that has been used in research done by SGI within STYLE as well as methodological questions related to data access and data generation. In each meeting the aims of STYLE project and SGI research tasks were presented in detail to the LAB members. They provided us with feedback on specific aspects of research questions that were framed in Task 5.3 (student/youth labour market) and Task 6.1 (return migration). With Profesia team we discussed data availability and data caveats. During 2014, Profesia made available to SGI their database of online job vacancies and job applicants. Intense discussion about the specifics of the data was continued throughout the year and into 2015 via email exchange. SGI has consulted CELSI researchers in particular about their expertise in online data research and methods to gather data about return migration. LAB meetings have been instrumental to SGI team in progressing with its research tasks.

Main issues of debate

Meeting 1 (May 19th, 2014)

Participants: Dalibor Jakuš, Mária Mišečková, Lucia Mýtna Kureková, Miroslav Beblavý

Points of discussion: The meeting with the representatives of Profesia focused on the introduction of STYLE project and detailed explanation of research aims to be carried out by SGI within the project. SGI presented a request for access to Profesia database and discussion focused on identifying details of data request. We discussed data characteristics and their specificities and received feedback on the feasibility of the research we proposed to make on the basis of Profesia data. We received general consent that the data will be provided for research purposes and agreed to cooperate in the process of data extraction and cleaning.


Meeting 2 (May 29th, 2014)

Participants: Martin Kahanec and Lucia Mýtna Kureková

Points of discussion: This was a short meeting that focused on discussing possibility to carry out targeted online survey about return migration on the Slovak platform of Wageindicator project that has been administered by CELSI.


Meeting 3 (June 19th, 2014)

Participants: Brian Fabo, Martin Kahanec and Lucia Mýtna Kureková

Points of discussion: The meeting focused on discussing specific aspects about the feasibility and costs of online survey about return migrants. CELSI team provided views on alternatives in how the survey could be done.


Meeting 4 (August, 13th 2014)

Participants: Mária Mišečková, Lucia Mýtna Kureková and Zuzana Žilinčíková

Points of discussion: The meeting was a follow-up meeting after we had received raw data from the Profesia database. It focused on clarifying specificities of the data related to their specific structure and categorizations and codings applied by Profesia. We also consulted Profesia about ways to identify migrants in the dataset and learned about their own efforts to study different aspects of the Slovak labour market, including work abroad and student employment.



Profesia, Pribinova 25, 811 09  Bratislava
CELSI, Zvolenská ul. 29, 821 09 Bratislava


19.5.2014, 29.5.2014, 19.6.2014, 13.8.2014



Dalibor Jakuš and Mária Mišečková

Martin Kahanec and Brian Fabo

Lucia Mýtna Kureková and Zuzana Žilinčíková

Miroslav Beblavý