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UK spending of EU youth unemployment money misdirected, says report

Youth unemployment has left “a generation scarred”, according to a House of Lords report out today. With the rate of young jobless in the EU still at nearly double its pre-crisis level, and the UK experiencing exceptionally high levels of unemployment, the report calls on the Government to rethink the way it uses European funding. For more details: www.parliament.uk »

EU Council of Ministers adopted the EU Quality Framework for Traineeships

An IES study coordinated by Kari Hadjivassiliou provided the evidence base for this framework that was adopted on the 10th March 2014. www.consilium.europa.eu/uedocs/cms_data/docs/pressdata/en/lsa/141424.pdf »

Combining the entry of young people in the labour market with the retention of older workers

A report from the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs edited by Werner Eichhorst (IZA) et al. provides an overview of the employment situation of young and old workers in the EU Member States, setting out the most recent developments during the crisis and dealing with policies implemented to promote the employment of both groups. The evidence collected shows that there is no competition between young and older workers on the labour market. Structural or general policies to enhance the functioning of EU labour markets are crucial to improving the situation of both groups. However, the responsibility for employment policies still predominantly lies within Mem... »

ETUI report on Youth Guarantee

In April 2013, the Council of the European Union adopted a Recommendation for a European Youth Guarantee (EYG). This European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) report outlines the EYG and discusses possible challenges to its success. Download the report: http://www.etui.org/Publications2/Background-analysis/Youth-Guarantees-and-recent-developments-on-measures-against-youth-unemployment-a-mapping-exercise   »

IES researcher presents evidence to the House of Lords

On Monday 16 December, Kari Hadjivassiliou, Principal Research Fellow, Institute for Employment Studies and Massimiliano Mascherini, Eurofound gave evidence to the Lords’ Committee investigating EU proposals to get more young people into work. http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/lords-select/eu—internal-market-sub-committee-b/news/youth-unemployment-evidence-16dec13/ Additional contributions were also provided by; European Commissioner László Andor, http://data.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/WrittenEvidence.svc/EvidencePdf/5669   Max Uebe, Head of Unit, DG EMPL http://data.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/WrittenEvidence.svc/EvidencePdf/5668   A full... »