Policy News

LAB Meeting Greece 2015

In this second Greek LAB meeting we had broad participation by INE-GSEE, with the presence of eight members of staff of the Specialised Centre for Employment Promotion (EKPA) of INE-GSEE. Prior to this meeting, we had the opportunity to participate in a workshop organised by EKPA-INE and the Municipality of Thessaloniki on “Networking for the Promotion of Local Employment”. In this event, apart from the EKPA staff, there was participation of representatives from a number of other organisations: the social services of various municipalities of the Greater Thessaloniki Area, the Manpower Employment Organisation (and its Centres for the Promotion of Employment), NGOs (including “ARSIS”, the NGO... »

LAB Meeting Spain 2015

The second Spain Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting took place at the Faculty of Education of the University of Oviedo on 18th December 2015. The meeting was organised as a seminar and involved key actors of the employers federation, one of the most representative trade unions, and of the Employment Service of Asturias; the representative of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs apologized for his absence. The research team in Spain presented the lines of research in which it is working, the main results of the research so far, ongoing research and forthcoming steps. The finished reports were briefly introduced and the LAB had the opportunity of giving feedback, since they had received them... »

LAB Meeting Austria 2015

For the second Local Advisory Board (LAB) meeting in Austria we invited four labour market experts to discuss results of the STYLE project (Task 6.2). At the beginning, we presented the project framework and the most important results of the study that were then discussed with the stakeholders step by step. During the discussion the importance of young EU8 migrants* for the Austrian labour market was underlined. In some industries, e.g. in the tourism or the 24-hours care sector, Austrian employers are reliant on migrants from Hungary or Slovakia. Young migrants from EU8 countries tend to work in positions with poor working conditions, but they still are attracted by higher wages compared to... »

LAB Meeting Slovakia 2015

The second Slovakian LAB meeting was held at the Slovak Governance Institute in October 2015 in Bratislava. The meeting introduced STYLE project and presented preliminary findings from research tasks in WP4 and WP5 to practitioners and academics working on labour market issues and youth involvement. Invitations were sent beyond the LAB members (Profesia and CELSI) and the meeting was attended by officers from the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family and the Ministry of Education, youth organization Iuventa, government-affiliated Institute for Research of Work and Family, the Institute for Employment as well as SGI colleagues not working on STYLE. The aim of the meeting was to get fe... »

LAB Meeting Poland 2016

In February 2016, a second LAB meeting took place in Cracow. In the group of invited experts there were representatives of the Voivodship Labour Office in Cracow, Lewiatan (Association of entrepreneurs), County Labour Office in Tarnow, Advisory group ‘Project’, ‘Inret’ Culture and Leisure Industries Cluster and researchers from the Cracow University of Economics. To introduce the discussion at the beginning of the meeting the main objectives of the project, were outlined. It was followed by a more thorough presentation of WP7. The main areas of the discussion covered the effectiveness of policies dedicated to young unemployed activated by self-employment opportunities. Main features of a suc... »