Project News

LAB meeting, Poland

In March, first LAB meeting took place in Cracow. In the group of invited experts there were representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of National Education, the Voivodship Labour Office in Cracow, Entrepreneur’s association, the self-employed’s association and researchers from the Cracow University of Economics. To introduce the discussion at the beginning of the meeting the main objectives of the project, were outlined. It was followed by a more thorough presentation of WP3 and WP7. The main areas of the discussion covered the effectiveness and innovations in policies to combat youth unemployment, coordination of... »

LAB meeting, Greece

Ahead of the meeting, the three stakeholders of the local advisory board (the Observatory on Economic and Social Developments of the Labour Institute (General Confederation of Greek Labour), the NGO ‘ARSIS”, and the representative of the Municipality of Komotini (Thrace) were briefly informed about the aims of the STYLE-project, the role of the Greek Lab in the research activities in which the Greek partner institution is involved under the STYLE-project, and the research schedule on policy transfer and innovation. The local stakeholders were asked to express their views on the problem of youth unemployment and social exclusion and the impact of the financial and economic crisis in Greece, a... »

LAB meeting, Denmark

The meetings with LO, DA and DI representatives have been used to get inputs for and to verify information for the Danish paper as input to work package 4 on policy innovation. In particular, we have conducted interviews with the main Danish social partners who play an important role in the Danish institutional setting around education, vocational training and the world of work. The interviews have been used to identify and verify barriers and triggers of policy innovation, policy learning and knowledge transfer. It was seen as important to get the inputs from both workers’ and employers’ points of view. Confederation of Danish Employers (DA) In the meeting with the Confederation of Danish E... »

LAB meeting, Norway

Representatives from the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise and The Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs attended the first official LAB meeting at Norwegian Social Research (NOVA) in October. The Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions did not have the opportunity to participate at this meeting.The goal of the LAB meeting was to give an introduction to the STYLE project for the LAB members, as well as preparing for and discussing the strategy for NOVAs tasks in STYLE. The members of the LAB agreed to facilitate contact with experts needed for the interviews in task 6.2 as well as supply the team with contact information to employers and intermediaries representative of the branch... »

LAB meeting, Germany

Similarities of German experts in assessing the situation for youth employment and education in Germany are larger than differences. This is at least remarkable because besides administrative bodies social partners were also interviewed. There were two basic outcomes of note: The field of competence concerning support for disadvantaged young people has to be more centralized and the freedom to choose between educational paths especially between vocational and tertiary education has to increase. Different to other European countries, the favourable situation on the German labor market enables policy makers to concentrate on rather specific subgroups than on youth in general. These are the mos... »