Project News

New publication from Sonja Bekker

Sonja Bekker at the University of Tilburg has published a new article in Politche Sociali/Social Policies. The publication can be found here: »

LAB meeting, Hungary

The series of Local Advisory Board meetings in Hungary started with a kick-off event, bringing together the three members of the LAB. The dicussion aimed to frame the upcoming cooperation between partners within the frame provided by the STYLE project. First, the project framework was intorduced to the stakeholders. This was followed by a detailed presentation of tasks TÁRKI is responsible for within the project. These tasks mainly concern the role of family background and of parental resources in adulthood transition (Taks 8.4 and Task 8.5), as well as the changes in the attitudes of the youth towards work and leisure (Task 9.1). It was agreed that the main research results of the project, ... »

LAB report, Ireland

The first LAB meeting started with a round table introduction. This was followed by a brief introduction of the STYLE project to the auditors, including a brief description of all WPs and a general overview of the specific tasks which are being carried out by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) and the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway). We subsequently illustrated our results to date relating to WP10 (Flexicurity), WP5 (Mismatch: Skills and Education), WP7 (Business Start-Ups and Youth Self-employment) and discussed them in detail together with the LAB members. Main issues of debate WP10 (Flexicurity) During the first discussion on Flexicurity, the following p... »

Three articles about STYLE in YO! magazine

There have been three articles in YO! magazine from the European Youth Forum The first, Does the Youth Guarantee guarantee a foothold in the labour market? by Mariell Raisma was published in September 2014 The next from March 2015 was an outline of the STYLE project, Let’s Talk about STYLE And most recently, in April 2015 From Past to Present: Re-emerging Migration Patterns in Europe – Structures and Policy Lessons was written by Dr. Mehtap Akgüç »

LAB Meeting Slovakia 2014

Local Advisory Board 2014 Meetings of SGI researchers with its board members from Profesia and CELSI took the form of a series of smaller meetings with the partners separately. They focused on discussing access to data that has been used in research done by SGI within STYLE as well as methodological questions related to data access and data generation. In each meeting the aims of STYLE project and SGI research tasks were presented in detail to the LAB members. They provided us with feedback on specific aspects of research questions that were framed in Task 5.3 (student/youth labour market) and Task 6.1 (return migration). With Profesia team we discussed data availability and data caveats. Du... »