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PhD Summer school: “Flexicurity in Today’s Labour Market: A Transition From Securing Jobs to Ensuring Employment

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS – ReflecT Summer School Summer school: “Flexicurity in Today’s Labour Market: A Transition From Securing Jobs to Ensuring Employment”, Tilburg University, The Netherlands, 14-18 July 2014 It is a major challenge for European labor markets to overcome the inherent tension between the increasing flexibility, dynamism, and efficiency requirements on the one hand, and the pressing need for social protection and social order on the other hand. During this course, we would like to engage in discussion on the concept of employment security and place it alongside this traditional view of job security. Within the debate on flexicurity, special attention will be... »

A new OSE opinion paper from the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research in Vienna

Intergenerational Justice and Public Policy in Europe by Pieter Vanhuysse European Social Observatory (OSE) Paper Series, Opinion Paper No. 16, 2014, 17 pp. In this short essay, Pieter Vanhuysse summarizes European findings from his Bertelsmann Stiftung report developing a simple four-dimensional snapshot index of intergenerational justice in the OECD. He highlights the fact that EU member states occupied 8 of the 9 highest positions on the pro-elderly bias of welfare spending, with Poland in pole position, followed by Southern and Eastern European countries, and Austria. A new section entitled ‘The Special Trouble with Central Europe’ argues that adverse labor market, lifestyle ... »

Two new reports from Youth Job Patrol

Youth Job Patrol aims to promote the participation of young people in industrial relations (that is to say in the employer-employee relationship and social dialogue) by helping them to get informed about their rights and discuss working conditions in their workplaces through social media. The project consortium consists of organisations and team members who have a long-lasting experience in developing and sharing good methods and practices in regard to advancing social inclusion and promoting decent work. On a daily basis they operate in diverse fields such as NGOs, European networks, trade unions, educational institutes; which brings an added value to the project by their specific contribut... »

IES response to House of Lords EU Select Committee

The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) has responded to the House of Lords EU Select Committee’s call for evidence on EU Action to Tackle Youth Unemployment. View the IES submission. View the Call for Evidence. Those interested in all written and oral evidence about youth unemployment in the EU which has been given to the Committee can find more information here:   »

Immigration to Sweden from the New EU Member States

Report just published by Christer Gerdes and Eskil Wadensjö from Stockholm University: »